The Ramblings of a Somewhat Unstable Mind

Life as a Meatloaf Song?

You took the words right out of my mouth (all songs by Meatloaf)

Carving up some rock and roll music?

There’s a lot of that going around  (taking words out of people’s mouths, not meatloaf). Sort of like stress… but with a tinge of Tourette’s Syndrome thrown in.


“Dr., I’m all stressed out, I feel like my life’s like a pair of open curtains”


“Pull yourself together, son!”


“Dr. I fell like a wigwam, and a teepee””


“You’re too tense”  (2 tents, come on, people!)

A Bat Out of Hell

So, Kim Jong il died, and his semi-retarded, 3rd son becomes the new “Dear Leader”. He should be revered as a God by New Year’s Eve if things are normal on the Korean peninsula this week. One bat enters Hell, one emerges and threatens all Hell on democracy. Our new man in NK has designs on joining forces with Iran; 2 of the world’s 7 largest armies, joining to take over the entire Asian panhandle… and, just in time for that December 2012 end of days theories going around. And now Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iranian boss man) wants to control the Strait of Hormuz? He wants to rule the world’s oil reserves, and wipe out Israel at the same time; nothing nutty here, just another bat out of Hell!

Not quite as ugly as Meatloaf...

Paradise by the dashboard light

Oh, to be 17 again, with that same ’69 halfback Mustang! Luckily, I was a teenager long before this abstinence and politically correct garbage came along. There’s a lake in Quebec, an hour’s drive from downtown Ottawa, that is crystal clear, has high cliffs to dive or jump off at varying heights up to 65 feet, waterfalls to sit under, and it’s clothing optional. BC’s Vancouver may have Wreck Beach, but Meech Lake is more beautiful, cleaner and safer for the fairer sex to sunbathe. And, it’s only about a 5 minute’s drive to the big lookout, overlooking Lake Champlain (the original Great Lake). Submarine races, anyone? Paradise by the dashboard lights after dark!

You took the words right outta my mouth

You thief, you! Why are so many people writing articles that have already been written? Why copy other writers’ works when, for the same amount of work, you can write a new, compelling article with facts that someone, somewhere might just need?

Give me my words back!

All revved up and no place to go

Well, it’s not my fault if you’ve got no place to go, but while you’re all revved up, why not take the time to read a few of my other posts, maybe make up a new word for my new feature “Fake word of the day” and leave me some comments, so that we can strike up conversations about anything to do with dogs, social issues or just plain old having fun…

Welcome to my nightmare, uh uh uh uh (well, that’s from Alice Cooper, but I’m pretty sure he ate meatloaf!)

Comments on: "Life as a Meatloaf Song?" (2)

  1. Love Meatloaf, but prefer Alice Cooper 😉

  2. Really? i never figured you for the biting bats’ heads off type of music fan… but back in the 80’s, almost everyone loved meatloaf (and, the singer too!).

    Thanks for the visit, Red.

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