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True love never dies, but love leeches eventually fall off.

1) People who cling to others in hopes that their love with be returned.

2) People who stay within loveless marriages because they still love their spouse, even though they are being cheated on and abused.


Comments on: "Word of the Day: January 3, 2012" (4)

  1. My response: Lovely!

    For your next word, how about: ‘contentuous’. Definition: someone who loves content websites and can’t stop backing them with praise.


  2. Thanks for the visit, Christy, always a pleasure!

    For the “loveleech” – think of a scab-like entity, falling off at the worst possible time, and relate that to love and how some people are simply in love with being in love, not in love with their partners – sweet picture that, huh?

    I don’t think lovely covers it, and it’s already a word – all words here have to be made up, not currently in existence – even existenz wouldn’t count, it’s used in movies and rap songs… contentuous is used too, although not in a dictionary, when looked up it’s used too frequently

    What I want here for suggestions are words like “fractictaholic” – a person who is addicted to Tic Tacs and has to cut them up to eat them – that sort of thing –

  3. there’s something about hearing the word ‘scab’ that makes me cringe.. put that aside and let’s add to your dictionary.
    I know I know:

    – Definition – A grown man still obsessed with playing with toy Tonka Trucks who doesn’t own a real car of his own.

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