The Ramblings of a Somewhat Unstable Mind


Derivative of:

Bawahaha. (beh-wah-ha-ha) ;

1) A maniacal laugh, usually belly splitting and almost always uttered by a crazy person just before the victim they were just about to kill magically escapes their bindings and kills them.

2) A deep, guttural laugh usually uttered by mad scientists just as their big breakthrough experiment is about to fail miserably.



An acronym for ” bloggers who always help aspiring, hopeful newbies anytime”.

verb – He bwahahana-ed me to death last nite, and I had my first multiple blog post.

*(yes, actually, your head really does belong in the gutter on that one;)

noun – Red is a natural bwahahahna, she helped me to shorten up my posts and clean up the crap in no time flat.

Do you have any suggestions for a `fake word that should be a real word of the day” word? Leave your suggestions as a comment (one suggestion per comment, please). Please include a short definition of the word. Acronyms are, by default of my using one today, allowed.

I will do my best to include your suggestion in an upcoming posting of the “Word of the day, 2012”

The only rule for this 356 post blog is that all words must be fake, and must have something to do with blogging or the people who blog.

subject to change. words may appear closer in a mirror than they actually are. 9 out of 10 librarians are mousey introverts, 19 times out of 20. This site is not endorsed by the SPCB (the second SPC (society of the prevention of Cruelty to Animals being the first one), the apathetic “Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Bloggers”.

Comments on: "Word of the Day: January 6, 2012" (10)

  1. This site is endorsed by christyb and will be as long as marcy marc keeps making me laugh.
    christyb (d’uh)

  2. My little disclaimer is a poke at those medical commercials on TV…

    thanks for the visit, CB, always a pleasure! Always nice to have a smile on my face a few times a day…

  3. See how this works? You start conversations with people who post comments on your blog posts, and lo and behold you have lots of comments – not the same as we do, but this works with strangers too, and you can triple or better the number of comments you would otherwise have had.

    thanks for the visit, you’re always welcome!

  4. How did I know before I got to my name I would be named???

  5. Where’s the stinking +1 button???

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