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Smile! Now, check out my blog!

1) People who post comments looking for you to check out their blogs, trying to garner extra page views.

2) People who post pictures on blogs and blog comments that, when clicked on, lead you to their blog sites.


*As brought to you by Anne Marie Dwyer


If you have a favorite fake word that you use when writing about blogging or bloggers, or the people who just plain out piss you off in the blogosphere, leave it along with a short suggestion as a comment. I will do my best to include your fake blog-related word in an upcoming post!


Subject to change without notice. Words may seem closer in a miraproposror than they actually are. 9 out of 10 librarians are mousey introverts, 19 times out of 20, yet still manage be sexy. This site is not endorsed by the SPCB (the second SPC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty) in the phone book – the SPCA (Animals) hogged the first spot on me again!) the apathetic and appallingly apropos “Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Bloggers” (donations accepted).


Comments on: "Word of the Day: January 16, 2012" (8)

  1. Yup these people are also known as ‘attention grabbers’ and ‘hey I want to be in the spotlight’

    Well done Marc and Red!


    • As always, thanks for the visit, Christy! A smile has been brought to my face.

      I just don’t get why people who don’t write blogs or articles hand around social networking sites meant to promote them…

  2. Whatsername Jewelry said:

    Love your posts! Maybe I shouldn’t tell you I like them??? Now please shamelessly view my blog. Ha Ha. Kidding. As always wishing I had a word for you to use. Totally blogorific! That would be a good thing 🙂

  3. Because they can 😉 After all why else would we be talking about them. You have to admit they give us plenty of fodder 😉

  4. Perhaps, we need to invite the blogcard, the electronic equivalent of the business card which has the link to the only good blog post in four years, a Gravatar image from 40 pounds ago and a subtitle which has nothing whatsoever to do with the blog.

    • Thanks for the visit, Red! (Anne Marie!)

      I think maybe we should invent it, and then invite it? That would actually be a big seller, when you stop to think about it! An electronic business card that you can alter to suit your needs, whims and ego! I’d get rid of the cancer/radiation scars from my face and get my hair back from the radiation! (no need for weight loss here, lost 85 pounds last summer when i was hospitalized for 3 weeks – greatest weight loss clinic ever!

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