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Time. What a Concept!

Time, what a concept!


When children look at time, they feel that days drag on, weeks are nearly endless, months too far ahead to even think about. And don’t get them started on years! To a child a year is almost unimaginable. It’s sheer torture, especially if they’re waiting for that trip to Disney World. Now, as we grow older, days fly by at the speed of a snail, weeks go faster than days, months faster than weeks and years faster than months. Why the difference?

What a concept

Is it a matter of age, or of how we spend our time? Could it be that the adult has more pressure, more anxiety and more laws, rules and regulations to follow? The child is nearly carefree, and the adult is in a constant fret over how to earn enough money to live comfortably while providing their children with everything the need, and most everything that they want.

“Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day”

(Pink Floyd, “Time”)


Boredom. Now, that’s a statement in itself, but when taken in the context of how an adult sees things, like the linear transgression of time, versus the way that the child see it, boredom takes a whole new meaning life of it’s own.

When a child is bored, it’s Armageddon. It’s the end of the world as we know it. The eternity between supper and time to come home for the night is extraterrestrial in nature when viewed through a child’s eyes. For the adult, that’s just enough time for a quick nap, maybe do a load of laundry or have a few rounds of your favorite past time, game, hobby, sex, etc.

Better than the Wii game!

But when a whole day is lain out before a child, with absolutely nothing to do that they thoroughly enjoy (like staring at repeats of Storage Wars on A&E) they can make it seem like it’s the worst day in their short-lived life. That means no electricity and no smart phones, no battery-run anything. Okay, they can use the fishing gear (the real stuff, not the simulated Wii stuff), the skis, skates, heck, they can take the dog for a walk. But, nothing technically inclined, nothing viewable except for nature. How long would your children retain their sanity, as tenuous as it may have already been?

“And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking. Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older. Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.”


Yes, every breath you take is one less that you will ever breathe. The next second will never happen again, and that is one second closer to death. As you get older, your concept of time becomes jaded; you dread every minute that comes, yet you dread death. A child only dreads boredom, rules and regulations.

You can run, but you can't outrun.


No matter how fast you run, you will never catch up with the fading, linear progression of time that our Sun provides us with. It’ll burn you every time. Who knows, maybe that’s the “light” that people refer to when they say “go to the light” as someone is dying, but most scientists predict that it’s either the brain shutting down the connection with the eyes, or it’s the hospital / surgical room’s overhead lights that they see.


Just a few things that I think I think.

Comments on: "Time. What a Concept!" (13)

  1. Boredom chews up so much time and energy. Makes me childlike, as my schedule is laid before me daily, even on the days when it cannot all be accomplished in a single day. With so many things to do, I never have a dull or bored moment. Makes me think I am blessed.

  2. Time marches on and sometimes it feels like it is even running! Other times when boredom lifts its head you feel like the moments are just too long. Good analysis, my social critiquing friend!!

  3. I don’t remember what it feels like to be bored. Even when I’m sick, there are books to read. But I do hear that word from my girls. The interesting thing is that I hear it most when they have access to electronics (computer, tv, itouch). I recently instituted a technology-free week and it forced them to get creative and think quite literally outside the “box.” At the end, they all admitted that it was a fun week and they really didn’t miss their technological toys at all.

    • Ah, but I bet the first couple of days were utter Hell for them, weren’t they? It;s funny to think how our current technology would have changed the hippie movement and stuff like that!

      Thanks for the visit, Tiffany!

  4. Thanks for the visit, Red! Always nice to see you in my inbox!

    It’s the lucky few who have little time to stew. Either that or hard work in something you are passionate about!

  5. I once saw time defined as “the duration of consciousness” which is as good a definition as any because time doesn’t exist outside of our mind. Huh? Really. There is only now. The past is gone forever and the future doesn’t exist. Past and future exist only in the mind. When you are immersed in your now, time vanishes but when your now doesn’t interest you (sad state of affairs, that) you are stuck in the past, the future or both.


    • Wow, John! Did you take that brown acid at Woodstock? Great comment!

      Where were you when I was writing this? Great points, which should have been in my post! Yes, that is basically what I was getting at (but I digressed at a tangent and went into whether “life after death” or “Deja Vu” were the Big Bang repeating itself) – we exist only in the now, and people need to live their lives accordingly!

  6. A pity, but I disagree with this unique information. I actually do like your specific website though and may keep moving once again for updates.

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