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1) A blogger who thinks that their blog is by far the best thing going. Usually can’t understand why they have few to no followers, and blame their failure on their reader’s lack of intelligence (yeah, that’ll work!)

Suddenly, Jacques realized he wasn't all that he thought he was

2) An egotistic blogger (see #1) who dedicates at least 1 or 2 posts per week on why they are so great, on their accomplishments and their successes. However, most of their great deeds are in their minds, not in reality.

*Another “Word of the Day” as suggested by faithful followers, this one another gem by Red (Ann Marie Dwyer). Thanks, Red! Please check out Red’s award-winning blogs here;


Subject to change without notice. Words may appear closer in a mirror than they actually are. 9 out of 10 librarians are mousey introverts, 19 times out of 20, yet still manage to appear to be sexy. This site is not endorsed by the SPCB (the second SPC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty) in the phone book – the SPCA (Animals) hogged the first spot on me again! Those brutes!) the apathetic and appallingly apropos “Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Bloggers” (donations accepted and suggested).

Comments on: "Word of the Day: January 25, 2012" (6)

  1. I like the way you have rearranged the furniture. Looks good!

    Thanks for the plug!

    • Thanks for the visit, Red! Always a pleasure, and I will always plug a good read for my followers to peek in on!

      I like the new theme, more used space yet it looks a little more minimalistic, too!


  2. Hey something’s different here… looking good MB (I meant the blog silly!). Good job with Red creating the new word! I would like to be definition #2 but sigh I don’t think anyone would read those posts… nah I think I’ll stick with the recipe I have so far! hehe

    • Thanks for the visit, Christy! Always look forward to seeing your smiling face in the mornings (well, I do get up at the crack of noon!).

      You are nowhere near #2, or neither of them to say the least! Glad you like the new theme!

  3. Julie Catherine said:

    Hey, we have the same furniture – love it! LOL. I also love reading your words of the day – pure gold nuggets that never fail to make me smile! ~ Julie 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit, Julie!

      Yeah, it’s one of the better looking freebie themes, I think. If you love my feature, why not make some suggestions? Red has been influential in 2 Word of the Day features. Just leave your suggestion for a fake, blogging-related word (or acronym) with a short definition and the phonetics for how you want it to sound. It will show up in a soon to be released feature.

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