The Ramblings of a Somewhat Unstable Mind




Blah blah blog sheep, have you any sense?


1)  A blogger who writes really boring posts.


2)  A person who doesn’t write blogs but posts condescending comments on well written blogs.



*note;  if you have any suggestions for a fake, blogging-related word or acronym that you like, despise or use, please leave it as a comment, along with a short definition and the phonetics. Your suggestions may well be an upcoming daily feature!

Subject to change without notice. Words may appear closer in a mirror than they actually are. 9 out of 10 librarians  are mousey introverts, 19 times out of 20, yet still manage to appear to be sexy. This site is not endorsed by the SPCB (the second SPC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty) in the phone book – the SPCA (Animals) hogged the first spot on me again! Those brutes!) the apathetic and appallingly apropos “Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Bloggers” (donations accepted and suggested).


Comments on: "Word of the Day: February 13, 2012" (7)

  1. Hehe maybe blahgger posts are a good idea for some light reading before bedtime? Hmm I wonder if there will be a Valentine’s Day-related word for tomorrow?!

    • Well, there could be if you would help me with it! Being single for 7 years now, I don’t think I’ve got a romantic bone left in my body! If you have any suggestions, fire away! Remember, acronyms are allowed…

      Thanks for the steady and constant visits, if I only had a few hundred of you!

  2. Blogolepsy: the irresistible urge to fall asleep at the screen during a Blahgger’s post. Dangers: head trauma from hitting keyboard, choking from swallowing gum and contusions from falling from chair.


  3. Say, you got a nice blog post. Will read on…

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