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Coast Opportunity Funds – I Am For Sale!

The XL Northern Gateway Pipeline was originally designed to deliver Canadian oil sands oil to the Southern States, but there are now organizations doing anything and everything they can in order to stop the finishing of the production of the vaulted pipeline. Including giving money away to assist those who are trying to stop the pipeline in any way possible.


Here’s the deal;  If you give me at least $25,000 or so, and I will blog about the pipeline and the environmental consequences that it will take out on the pristine aquifers and farmlands that it is designed to cross over. Or, I will blog about all of the great benefits, of job creation, of getting off of the conflict oil tit, the benefits to society.


For the right price.Yes, I am for sale. I’m not proud.

Name your offers. You never know how many people will read these posts, as it is I have over 55 daily, constant readers, with over 100 on some days – that could be over 700 people a week hearing what you have to say, at the minimum!


But, wait! There’s more! When a blog posts’ name is related to something newsworthy and in the midst of a major public upswing, it can become viral. These pro or anti Northern Gateway XL Pipeline blogs could garner thousands to, dare I say it, hundreds of thousands of views per day or week! Imagine the exposure!


And, that’s not including the people who tell others to read the posts.


Now, make your offers. But remember, I will take the highest offer, so bid accordingly!

Comments on: "Coast Opportunity Funds – I Am For Sale!" (7)

  1. Now that is rather horrifying, just say it outright. You sound just like our public officials!

    • Me thinks you took this wrong! The post is a jab at all of the companies, Indian tribes and people who are receiving MILLIONS of dollars from Coast Opportunity Funds to blog, write, rally, and in any other way protest the Keystone XL Pipeline! I am not trying to sell my soul, or sell out to the man… I am making a statement that it is wrong to pay people to protest something, no matter what it is.

  2. Hey did it work? Are you rich yet? I need to find a way to make money at this writing thing, its not working too well yet.

    • Well, there’s always Helium and Constant Content to look into! Helium pays small amounts but you get accepted right off, whereas CC you have to have perfect spelling and grammar – one misplaced comma and they reject your article! CC pays $10 to over $100 per article request, and Helium pays a buck for site articles, more for publisher requested articles. At least at Helium you earn revenue share (average $2 per 1000 page views) – which is more than you would earn blogging!

      Good luck!

      • Oops! Helium just announced they’re closing down, and all writers must take their money and run, as well as copy each of the articles out, one at a time! With over 1250 articles there, that would take me one heck of a long time to do!

  3. Thanks, I’m already on Helium, hadn’t tried Constant Content, I will have to look into them.

    • you have until December to copy your articles out of helium – once you do, you can submit them to any pay-per-click writer’s site you want, legally. After that, they disappear! You have 2 more months to cash out any revenue you have there…

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