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Word of the Day: March 07, 2012





Hey, mister? Gotta quarter? Me love you short time!

1)  What people are referred to who blog both ways. (either good and bad, or text and word)


2)  Male bloggers who wear strapless sundresses with crotch-less panties while blogging. Can also be a female blogger who wears cowboy boots (or Doc Martens) with cutoff jeans (very short with frayed seams) and muscle shirts, belching over their 2nd six-pack of American swill water beer.




Today’s post was brought to you by LSD, magic mushrooms, Marijuana and a few David Bowie tracks. Oh, and me!


*note;  if you have any suggestions for a fake, blogging-related word or acronym that you like, despise or use, please leave it as a comment, along with a short definition and the phonetics. Your suggestions may well be an upcoming daily feature!


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