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Word of the Day: January 23, 2012





1) Acronym for “Blogger under extreme pressure from advertisers who return thunder”  As in “She buepfarted again!”


*Note;  If you have any fake blog-related words or acronyms that you like or use, please submit them as a comment, including a short definition and the phonetics.


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Word of The Day: December 30, 2011



It's better than conflict oil, and cleaner too!

1) The new public-infused task force setup to ensure that the US never receives ethical oil from Canada, preferring to purchase more expensive, blood-oil from Muslim-controlled nations like Iran, Kazakhstan, and a lot of other “ans”. See also “idiots”.

2) People opposed to the pipeline from Canada to the southern USA to move the oil that the US needs, at a much cheaper price than what is paid for blood-oil.

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