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For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More

If you ever wonder why you keep getting emails in your inbox that proclaim you to be the winner of $10 Million $/Euros/whatever because your username/email address was chosen from the complete list of all that exist? The answer is quite simple (as are these emails); it’s because so many people fall for it each and every day that it is more than worth the cost of buying multiple signal bouncers, and even paying the odd thousand dollar-plus fine to run them.

What happens after you give your personal information online

When all you have to do in order to claim a lot of money is to provide someone with personal and/or banking/internet information to them in order to win, or to have millions of dollars transferred into your bank account, you are looking at a scam. However, too many people are grasping at straws, and, when facing total bankruptcy in the face (“Hello, Visa? Hold on, I may just have a way to pay for those diamonds I got my wife for Christmas”), people will put what’s left on red, one hand of blackjack, or some other get-rich-quick scheme in order to stave off the inevitable. Should have spent that time looking for work, huh?

Madoff With Your Money?

The True Face of The Nigerian Bank Manager

Do they really work?  Scams, not people. Were you not paying attention during the long trials and tribulations of Bernie Madoff, who made off with Billions of dollars through running rather simple pyramid schemes? There are people in Madrid driving Maseratis who run these simple scams. There are also little old ladies next door doing the same thing; some are victims, some are culprits, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the two apart.

There are more scams being perpetrated daily, most of which are successful close to 1 percent of the time. Now, with the number of people on the Internet, that 1 percent becomes a huge number, in the hundreds of thousands of sorry souls giving their money away to those nefarious souls who lost out on the conscious sweepstakes.

And, The Winners Are;

Some of my favorite email scams that actually work;

1) A bank manager from Nigeria, Bolivia, or some other “stan” country (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, etc) sends you an email claiming that they are trying to get money out of their country, and chose you because you seem to be such an honest and reliable person. Now, if you were honest and reliable you would report this to the authorities before wiping it from your hard drive.

2) A person emails you, claiming that you have won a whack of money because your internet address came up in a random drawing. Well, if you really think that you could be that lucky, then you deserve to answer this scam. Oh, right, I mean award office.

3) You get an email from a bank that you don’t deal with, or a credit card that you don’t own. They claim there was a problem with your account, and a positive balance has been accredited to your account. All you have to do is send them all of your banking/credit information and the money is all yours!

4) Any and all work-from-home ads/emails. If you want to learn what’s in these earn a thousand bucks a day work-from-home jobs, then just send me $24.95 and I will tell all! What you get is a list of sites that pay for contributions, like Helium, Yahoo!, Bukisa, EHow, iMakeNews, Reader’s Digest and any sites that pay any amount, pennies (and Rupees!) included.

Is There A Point To All This?

Get my "point"?

Yes. Yes there is. Kind of you to ask, but also rather rude! Why, I oughta!

The only reason you get these scam offers in your inbox is because they work on some people. Mostly the elderly, the disabled and the extremely poor, the ones who can least afford the loss. When you are facing dire straits, they sometimes grasp at straws. Lottery ticket buyers are mainly people who can’t afford to spend the money on tickets, and lottery winners are usually people who need it the least (normally, i say; there are many people who win lotteries and vastly deserve it).

Just another thing I thunk.

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