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Word of the Day: April 29, 2012





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1)  An acronym, “Bloggers Against Spammers Everywhere”, which is for the group of people who are anti-idjuts!  Wherever a virus or bot programmer resides, a BASE’r will be there.  “.  Unfortunately, BASE has a new president, and God save those who piss Miss Martel off!



This blog has been accredited by the MPB, the Multi-Blog Manipulators, (also my initials!) as the best, fake, blog-related “Word of the Day” feature in whole, wide webosphere!  The fact that it is the only blog of it’s kind may have also had some bearing on the award’s presentation, but I highly resemble that insinuation…



What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?

Do you know who Henry McCarty is? How about David Jones? Henry was a lot more famous, and known a tad longer, but David earned a lot more money.

Would it help if i were to tell you that young Henry was rather well-known before he ever turned 16, and became one of America’s original heroes? Though he may not have been as famous as Jesus, like The Beatles were, according to John Lennon in a televised interview (Not to be confused with Joseph Stalin’s son, John Lenin) or as world-widely known Muhammad (who is? Aside from God, he’s the most famous ever! Okay? No need to call a fatwa on me, now!). He was more famous than Wyatt Earp or Jesse James could every dream of. The young, irascible Henry McCarty, a “man’s man”, a gunslinger’s gunslinger, has the one name that is as famous, or infamous, as Robin Hood, Peter Pan and Ishmael (he of  “Call me Ishmael” fame) put together (Robinshael Han?).

Ring a bell yet?

Call me Ismael, will 'ya?

Not ringing a bell? Much like David Bowie, who changed his name because there was this idiot who was hired to play a musician on a new (for the time) concept for a television show; to follow a band as they write, record and play music and as they generally wreck the neighborhood and kiss the dancing girls. David Bowie’s real name is, of course, David Jones, the same as that Monkee of “Daydream Believer” and “Last Train to Clarksville” fame. And, of course, that ridiculous little TV show that morphed into a few movies, “The Monkees”. David Jones, the real musician, liked the original mayhem knife of the old west, the “Bowie” knife, and henceforth was known as David Bowie. And we move on with the old west theme again.

What’s in a name?

Quite a bit, otherwise we’d be listening to David Jones singing “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”. I don’t think Anne Murray would have covered any of his songs, the way she did with a few of David Jones’s songs, from his Monkees days. Well, to his credit credibility manager’s orders, he reduced his name down to “Davy” – but, as always, I digress (I would probably digress about digressing while writing about digressibilitation (yeah! another new word! I make up a new word for every post that I can, on top of my daily feature “Word of the Day“,where I try to come up with new, fake blog-related words and acronyms).

Spoiler Alert!

However, Mr. McCarty is a little more well known that either Mr. Jones’ is. More infamous than Robin Hood though? Possibly. More infamous than any or all of the American Presidents, dead and alive (the first preferred, the latter only when required)? Yes, yes he was. So, have you heard of Henry McCarty?

What’s in a name?

Aside from brand recognition, like Nike, Coke (no, not that coke…) or Blackberry, when you’ve got a name that stands out, people remember you. So, William Bonney was a lot better a name than Henry McCort, no? How about when he started referring to himself the same way the law was referring to him? The first wanted poster with his picture on it appeared when young Henry was just 16 years old. What a kid! (hint, hint).

Sting, the singer originally of The Police fame, was originally named Gordon Sumner.  Yeah, yeah, I know. But Sting? He was spotted wearing a yellow and black striped shirt while playing at a gig, and Gordon Solomon said “He rather looks like a skinny bee, no?”

Roxanne! You don't have to put on that bug killer...

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the feud between the McCoys and the Hattfields? A long-living feud that was defined by their shoot to kill, shoot on site and rape at will mantra, and was reconciled in the 1980’s by their still living direct descendants (I know, eh?). But still, even over Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and even Wild Bill Hickok, any of the Younger clan and maybe even more well known than the Kardashian sisters, Henry McCarty changed his name to William H. Bonney.

Dead or Alive!

You see, young Henry McCort finally did change his name to what was on all of those wanted posters. Brand recognition before brands became popular?

Young Henry was, of course, Billy the Kid.

Just what does the 10th Doctor Say…???

9 out of 10 doctors agree that Celebrex lessens the effects of arthritis on the human body.

9 out of 10 doctors agree that Lotomax is the best choice for lessening the effects of runny bowels in every day life.

9 out of 10 dentists agree that Crest is the best toothpaste for daily use.

9 out of 10 dentists agree that Colgate is the best toothpaste for daily use.

9 out of 10 dentists agree that Arm & Hammer is the best toothpaste for daily use.

All of these “studies” are true 19 times out of 20. What happens in that 20th poll is what I would like to see: it makes me wonder if that 20th poll had 10 doctors or dentists proclaiming that their patients should never use the medication, as it causes more problems than what it is supposed to cure or alleviate does.

Okay, I’m starting to see a pattern here – there’s a lot of doctors and dentists out there that are sell outs – they are making a lot of money, free golf clubs, memberships and trips from the pharmaceutical companies, toothpaste and oral hygiene companies and manufacturers. Name an ailment, a requirement or a medication and the consumer lobby will find 9 out of 10 doctors, dentists or pharmacists (professional may be portrayed by an amateur actor. 5% less anal leakage is only an approximation and is not a guarantee).

What exactly is it that that 10th doctor, dentist and pharmacist refuses to sell out over? It can’t be because there is only 3% less anal leakage with the new, improved prescription medications and not a full 5%, nor can it be that the 10th dentist doesn’t think that Crest is a good toothpaste for daily use. So, why the hold-outs becomes my first question, and question it I do. I question why they have to pay actors to represent doctors who only represent 90% of their profession, 19 times out of 20.

How many times have you been in to see your doctor or dentist and there was a pharmaceutical sales representative, with their big old box of drugs, standing with the receptionists making small talk? I’m guessing at least 9 out of 10 times, 19 times out of 20. My doctor has a storage closet where they store the freebies, the new and/or improved drugs that they want doctors to prescribe. So, please don’t complain when you take your prescription for Celebrex to the pharmacy, get home and then bury your head in the oven with the gas on. It says right on the commercial that suicide tendencies and increased thoughts of suicide are common side effects of the drug. What’s Celebrex prescribed for? If you guessed depression, give yourself a gold star! I’m guessing that 10th doctor just didn’t want to be part of that big multinational lawsuit from the families of the victims, i mean, patients that took the drug.

Funny thing, I’ve never heard of someone smoking a joint of pot and committing suicide (well, maybe not funny ha ha), and since pot is the best anti-depressant going around, I may just have a suggestion for people who may want to try Celebrex.

Go smoke a big fattie and chillax, dude!Skip out on the pharmaceuticals and step up to the new wave of people using naturally growing plants, weeds and shrubberies. Oh, and nuts. Gotta have (or,m be) nuts!


Why People Misunderstand You

What? Wait, no – I didn’t mean it that way!

It seems that no matter what you say, there will always be someone who takes offense. If you say “Merry Christmas” in a school or mall, you may be perceived to be a Holly Christian Terrorist, bent on destroying the fabric of the one-state, to want to destroy what so many have fought to make banal. Case in point: You walk into a store and the greeter says “Happy Holidays!”. You proceed to strangle the octogenarian to death, screaming and foaming at the mouth. That poor greeter, though, was just saying what the store told them to say or face being fired. The miscommunication here is when they are begging you to stop killing them, and you take offense, thinking that they were laughing at you because they think something you said was funny. You know, stop it, you’re killing me!

Is There Anyone Born Without Foot-In-Mouth Disease?

Dogs and other animals are born lacking a certain human defect. They can’t lie. They don’t mind if you bring another dog home with you, and they love it when you have other dog’s smells on you when you get home late at night.

But when what you say is meant as a compliment, and someone takes offense, what can you do? You can crawl under the nearest rock and hide, bury your head in the sand, much like my beloved Golden Retriever used to love to do quite frequently (and literally!). You can try to explain yourself to the person who took offense, but in doing so you may come off as begging, again, much like my beloved Golden Retriever used to do quite frequently. You need to find some common ground, and have people who know you well to tell the offended people “No, they’re not like that at all! They may be a little on the nutty side, but they mean well and would never insult someone they look up to.” – the sort of person I, myself, needed this morning. But you should never need someone to back you up when dealing with people you know, the real problem is when you say something to someone you respect, adore or just look up to who is a “friend” on a social networking site – someone you’ve never spoken to in person, and who has never had the luxury of getting to know you as you really are.

What Did I Say Wrong?

When someone takes what you said the wrong way, you can sound awfully whiny when you ask them what you said wrong. Now, this should never happen with people you know, love and have grown up with, but even the ones you love will take something you’ve said and turn it around on you. Whose fault is it?  It is usually nobody’s fault, unless one of the two involved have a persisting problem with the other, in which case anything said could be turned around and made into something it wasn’t, and was never meant to be.

What Should I Do?

Get your head out of the sand~

Get your head out of the sand, come up for air and fight for your right to be right, You can either claim that you had no intention on hurting the other`s feelings and then turn the tables on them and make it seem like they are at fault, or you can man up and take responsibility, offering apologies and saying how you never meant it to be taken that way.

When you have found out that someone has taken something you’ve said the wrong way, you should never air it out in public, as that gives others a reason to join one bandwagon or the other. Talk, email or chat online, but do it privately, with nobody else involved. Make sure to tell the person what you said, how it was meant  and who it was meant for. Don’t lie, don’t pull any punches. You remember the truths that you have said, you don’t remember the lies.

Just make sure that the person who you may have unknowingly and unwittingly insulted knows that you were really upset by the misunderstanding, and that you would never put them down like that, especially if it was done in public, or God forbid, on a public social networking site.

The Meaning of Life?

No, not really… just the meaning of this post. You have to be careful when typing responses on social networking sites, because once it is there for all to see, all might actually see it. A simple typo or a bad case of auto-correct gone bad and you have a new enema (there’s that danged auto-correct again! It should have been “enemy”…).

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