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Successful Blogger or Silly Scammer?

I’m up already!


I have been alive for roughly 1.5 Billion seconds. That’s about 1/5th of a second for every person on the planet that I have been drawing breath. While sleeping on average six hours a day, that leaves me awake for over 300 Million seconds. You’d figure that I would have more than enough time during the day to take care of all of my new-found Internet infamy? Well, you’d be wrong. Not about the time, I’ve got lots of that; it’s about the infamy. I don’t want it, but I sure would like the money that comes along with it. So, with that in mind, I have to wonder if James Patterson (the #1 book seller in the world) or Stephen King (‘nough said) would like a ghost writer? Baring that, maybe you could have a few friends take a read of my blog posts, that would help!

The building blocks of all life

Scientists are aware of what approximately 5% of the human DNA model is used for. That leaves 95% of DNA that is now considered as “junk DNA” simply because they don’t know what it’s used for. It could be the complete model of human life, of awareness, of inter-spacial knowledge. With full use, you live eternally, never sick. Or maybe you get egg roll. Who knows?

More scientists believe that a great, alien race of Sumatrans salted the earth with mankind to be used as slave labor in the gold mines for which they had come to our little blue planet, third from the sun, in order to steal our natural resources. Well, if they gave us life, I guess that’s a fair trade off. Funny thing is that if you take the word “God” out of the earlier Bibles and replace that with “Summatran” you get an eerily similar accounting.

What does this mean? Are we only using 5% of our overall potential? Imagine if we were to hit 100% of DNA understanding, and 100% usage of our brains as compared to the 10% maximum that the uber geniuses like Stephen Hawkins use. Just imagine the amazing blogs we could write! Or, with that much intelligence and control over our brains and bodies, maybe we would go back to living nomadic existences.


I thought this was about making money blogging?

Me too! Well, it’s also about not falling for work from home job offers and other similarly stupid scams and the poor souls who fall for them, because if you have to pay for work then you’re the customer victim.


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Actually, it’s about gaining followers. And, not just any followers, but those who will read your posts daily, and buy things from the advertisers on your posts. That involves finding a niche follower who, on average, have disposable income for spontaneous purchases.

For people who like to make money off of people who are senile, grieving or otherwise susceptible, you just maybe should be nicer to people with things like this in existence…  (it’s a safe video, checked with Kaspersky, Windows and Norton).


Just how long am I going to have to wait?

Some people stop blogging after a few months of not gaining any social stature within the 10,000+ hit club…

Line up! get it?


If they’d just stuck with their goals, you never know. It takes just one great blog post to go viral in order for a blogger to taste the sweet nectar of the advertiser email.


“Hey, you. You. Yes, you! Wanna make $25?”.

You may get enticed by cheap offers, but if you hold out, or make an intelligent enough of a counter offer, you should be able to make at least $250 per month for a viral blog post, per advertiser. The different advertisers will have different rules and rates, but the average viral blog will have at least 4 – 8 advertisements. If just one reader in every 1,000 makes a purchase at the advertiser’s offered site. Oops! A catch.


There’s a sucker born every minute

Fish on!

As P. T. Barnum infamously stated, there’s a sucker born every minute. That’s what email scammers are counting on. The same idiom goes for “companies” that market “real jobs working from home”. Scams. You’re the fish, they the fisherman. Don’t nibble, you might get hooked.


How do I get ahead?

If you are to taste the nectar of success, it takes hard work,. You have to try, repeatedly, to make a successful blog series that catches people’s eyes. Think of the 32-yr old virgin male still living in his mom’s basement. He’s had a good life, but wants to settle down. When he gets lucky, he brings the girl home to meet ma. First mistake. It’s like selling out to the first advertiser who offers you a pittance, or a chance at earning from their revenue sharing programs.


If you try hard enough, you just might fail miserably!

Try and try again

Just as that 32-yr old will eventually figure out how to seal the deal with a real, non-inflatable girl by taking her to the best hotel in town, getting the penthouse suite and the best champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and aromatic bubble bath, the average blogger will eventually figure out how to make money. They just need to learn from their mistakes, and take each in stride as they come.

Now, the problem happens to be the amount of money that you can expect to make (not much).  If you have a day job, don’t give it up the same day you get accepted into the AdSense revenue program.


Did you say hard work?

Aw, come on! I thought I could write 5 to 10 blogs and attain cult-like status! My mom even said that I was special!

If you went to school on a little bus, there’s a chance you could be using a lot less than 7% of your brain, an IQ under 120 (you get 80 just for standing upright!).  If you run some of those stupid scams that keep showing up in my inbox, you probably still do ride on the same bus, and pick on all of the 7 and 8 year old kids who are 2 grades ahead of you in middle school. And, you may be getting something more viral than a scam hoax email in return!

You silly scammer, you!

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