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How Sweet It Is?

Is Short Sweet?

(The scourge of the short post)

The new trend in Blogging seems to be to post as little information as possible. Some bloggers are rolling out at least 10 or more posts a day, with no more than a few sentences per post, expecting their legion of followers to keep up with them, view and comment on their tiny little posts.

Many bloggers are also posting just one to three pictures, with no text, and expect their readers to keep coming back! Now, if the pictures are of amazing places or astounding events, then maybe they can pull it off… but when the pictures are of themselves, or their pets, or their cities or other mundane objects nobody else really gives a rats ass about, well then maybe they should expect to lose about 90% of their followers, if they had any to begin with.

I say, enough is enough!  I really am not interested in how you did your nails tonight!  Maybe if you had bought some sex neglige or something and wanted to show that off at the same time, but just the nails? That’s an all-around no! However, i did notice one such blog with over 20 POSITIVE comments (and no negative ones!) as well as over 100 page views! Okay, so in revenue terms that’s about $0.20 – but still, that’s still telling the poster poser that what they are doing is great! Stop it! Stop it now!

Another 27 words, another $10,000 !!! Woohoo, who said you had to write good, intelligent posts?

Either tell me a story, make me laugh or cry, or show me some amazing pictures that will blow my mind. I don’t want to go through the trouble and time to open a bunch of posts just to see a picture or two of your cats lying on the couch, your boyfriend in bed or your kids with food on their faces; it’s cute to you, but not to me!

If you want to write a short post now and then, with apologies to your fans for not beguiling them with your usual length and witty banter, then the occasional shorty can be acceptable. But too many bloggers are now putting out posts that are shorter than a newswire feed about the newest troubles in Afghanistan, or Israel’s intent to bomb Iran back to the days of Barney and Fred.

The major cities in North America are putting up with a bunch of “Occupy” protests – and we actually need a new one, like “De-Occupy Crappy Blogs”; maybe more people would come out for that one, instead of just the average heroin junkie, homeless people and philosophy grads who couldn’t find jobs after accumulating a couple of hundred thousand dollars in student loans.

So, it’s time to roll out the newest anti-something campaign, and this one is called;


Also known as – “Short Posts Are Stupid!”

But, spas?  As in more than one Spa? Really?

No, Spas as in Short Posts Are Stupid, stupid! (think spazz but spoken by Snooki!)

Okay, now I will admit to putting out a couple of really short posts, one comes to mind where the title was “Do You Want To Make $10,000 a Day Writing Online”, and the content was, simply, “Me too!”… but that was a joke, and taken as such by my legion of followers. Well, except for one, who let me know in no uncertain terms that what i was doing was stupid beyond comprehension…

Legion? My legion? What am i, a vampire? Self-anointed deity?

Yes, my legion! All 43 of them!

So, with the scourge of short posts in mind…

See you tomorrow!

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