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As Canada and Ontario Votes, The Disabled Lose Yet Again.

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Canada is a beautiful country and a great place to live, Unless, of course, you happen to be disabled. If you’re disabled while working for a company that gives good benefits, or the civil service, you will be taken care of for the rest of your life. But, if you happen to be unemployed or working contract (or for a company with dismal benefits), be prepared to live the rest of your life in the lowest pits of hell, otherwise known as way under the poverty level.


It’s rather amazing that, if the First Nations peoples were forced to live on what the disabled get, they would blockade highways, railroads, waterways, communities, pipelines, ports and government agencies’ buildings and offices. The country would be brought to a standstill and they would end up getting Billions of dollars. The disabled, nadda. The Mike Harris Liberals of the 1990’s slashed disability by over 40%, and there have been no increases, or increases of 1% each year since! How in the heck are the disabled supposed to live on that? It’s beyond mean, it’s unconstitutional!





And since the 1990’s, every budget and every campaign promise neglected to even so much as mention the disabled, other than to give tax breaks, which are no good to us since we don’t have taxable income (what? on $935 a month you want us to pay taxes?).  If I were physically able to work, I could easily make 6 to 10 times that amount: but I can’t work, and so I am forced to live way below the poverty level, as set out by the same government that sets our income levels. And, if we earn or even win some money during the month, we have to give 1/2 of it to ODSP!


Hey! Justin Trudeau – wanna win the election” Promise the disabled that you will cease the ODSP clawback of CPP pension income and you will (WILL) win the election! Every single disabled person would vote for you, as would all of their friends, family and support group members!


At least give us the equivalent of the minimum wage?


It would be really nice to not have to decide between physiotherapy and food for once!






Ontario Disability Support Program, MMAR = the two most class-centric government agencies…


When the government, under the auspices of Revenue Canada and the Ontario Disability Support Program, the disabled have received a 1% increase in their overall income, which is now at a whopping $965 a month. After paying for rent and bills, just how much do they think we can live on?


Does the government help the disabled?


Yes. Yes they do. However, they only help the disabled who are working. Tax benefits is the word of the day when the budgets, both provincial and federal, are released. There’s always something in there for the disabled, yet absolutely nothing (nadda, zip, zilch, just ten more steps backwards) for the “real disabled”, or, rather, those whose ailments and/or medical history makes them either unable to work, or unemployable.  After paying for cable, telephone and internet, and then whatever groceries $200 can buy, there’s not really much (if anything) left over for doing anything that costs money, like swimming.


But, the government does not stop at just making the disabled (again, those disabled unable to work, for whatever reason) live well under 1/2 of the poverty level, but they have recently decided to make them pay over $8.50, PLUS TAXES, per gram for the medical marijuana that they were getting for free, or very minimal costs, up until this point in time. And to think, there are enough disabled people in Ontario, and within Canada to practically decide the outcome of a provincial or federal vote!


Now, being a member of the rather huge group of people who, when using marijuana, gets major pain relief (a chronic pain sufferer – spine issues, blood clots, limited mobility, sleep disorder = hey, you try sleeping the day you’ve broken a leg, arm or collarbone (done them all!) – problems eating, etc, etc.). The only real problem is that I don’t get anywhere near enough money to be able to buy my “life-saving” medicine once the “NEW AND IMPROVED MMAR RULES” come into effect in March of 2014.


Thanks! Thanks so very much for making me go back to taking 3 times as many damaging pharmaceutical, narcotic pain relievers that have more bad side-effects than voting for a Daltom McGuinty government.


Other benefits from smoking marijuana include, but are not limited to; being able to eat, wanting to eat; being able to sleep for more than 20 – 40 minutes at a time (even using sleeping pills); being able to get back to sleep within 20 minutes, as opposed to 2 1/2 hours or more; relaxing, extreme pain relief, and an overall better outlook on life. Not to mention an increased mobility.


I hate to say this, but it’s true. I would be so much better off if I were a First Nations Person, instead of a disabled person. And, did they really have to name themselves “first persons”? Seems to me that they should all move to Quebec, where their egos and senses of entitlement are almost equalled. The same goes for all disabled people in Ontario, and most of Canada. Hey, my great-great-great grandfather set up a camp near Ottawa in 1668, and lived there for 22 years before being killed by an Indian tribe that ended up settling in what would later become Ottawa.


Can the government help the disabled?


Yes. Yes they can.  They could go back to the mid-1990’s, when the cut our benefits by 40%, and return that to us. With back pay.


It used to be that the disabled who used to work, many for all of their adult lives up until the time they became disabled, would gt about $990 a month from ODSP, and $750 or more from the Canada Pension Plan. They Light bulb paid into it their entire working lives, and thus are entitled to it! But, now, and for the past 18-20 years, the ODSP has “clawed-back” all of the CPP benefits the disabled receive from the CPP – so, they are taking our CPP benefits from us, and putting it into their coffers!


So, now, how do they expect us to pay for our medicinal marijuana, now that they have priced it, and taxed it, completely out of the disabled’s reach? There’s not a single drug plan that will pay for it, and they know that we can’t afford to pay for the only medicine we take that really, really HELPS, yet has no ill side effects.


Sort of makes you wonder if the pharmaceutical companies had anything to do with this, doesn’t it?


It also makes me wonder if they ever came up with the cure for cancer, the common cold, the flu, pain, etc., or all of them combined, would they release it, or hide it? Imagine the gigantic economical losses they would incur if they lost out on all of the medications, research and development monies, prosthetics, hospitals, etc.? It would spell economic ruin for them, and their top executives would stop making tens of millions of dollars per year.  Poor them!


Is there anything we can do?


Yes. Yes there is. We could stand together, and make our concerns known. Tell them all that if we don’t get what we want, we will vote the Rhinoceris Party into the seat of the government, or at least the opposition.








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