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The Awards Season Is Upon Us!

When is too much too much?


There are presently at least 12 to 15 different awards that can be given out to bloggers from bloggers, and it is starting to look like over-indulgence.  Some blogs have as many as 12 or more different awards, each one coming with the caveat that you must propose 5 to 25 and more other blogs for the award(s) that you received.  Now, as with the chain letters that anyone who is over 40 years old remembers from their high school days, the chains start but never end.

Once you start, you will need a bigger display case

When you receive an “award” from another blogger, you must first thank that blogger (nice!), tell others a few things about yourself that they probably don’t know (sweet!) and then give the award to anywhere from 5 to 25 or more other bloggers (getting annoying) and let them know that you’ve awarded them the prize, and what they must do in return.  Sounds nice, but as with the chain letters of days gone by (could spam be considered chain-letter mail?) pretty soon everybody’s got one (or ten, or twenty).

When every blogger finally has all of the awards, they kind of lose their luster, their significance.  Imagine a year from now, every blog having a series of awards lined up and down each side, taking away any chances of a minimalist look.


Do I have to accept an award given to me?

I just want to thank my laptop, my English teacher, my mon for...

Well, it is rather rude to the giver if you decline, but they should understand if you let them know why you didn’t want to accept it.  Letting people know through your blog that you were awarded an award, from who and for what would come off as condescending or even rather conceited if you were to both not display the award and not promote the requisite number of other blogs while doing so. So, basically, either’

1)  Accept the award, display it on your blogs, thank the giver and promote the requisite number of other blogs by granting them the award in kind


2)  Don’t accept the award, don’t display it or mention that you’ve been awarded one. However, you should still let the blogger who thought enough of your blogging skills to grant you the award know why you didn’t want to accept it, and thank them for considering you.


What else should I do/know?

Well, we’ll be featuring awards as they come out, and see what their requirements are. As many of you well know, awards are constantly being designed, each one trying to outdo the last with aesthetics and size.  Each one wants to be the eminent award, the Grammy to the others’ Tony.  If you accept one award, it would be rather rude of you to not accept the next one to come along, and the next one, and the next one, until your blog has little room for your written words, let alone your award-winning pictures!


How many bloggers will you have to promote (do you even follow 25 blogs?  How can you recommend them all if you don’t follow them yourself?  How big is the award and how much space will it take up on your blog?  Will AdSense and other means of earning revenue have negative feelings towards sponsoring award sluts?


Accept the award and then continue accepting the new ones as they come along. With only so many blogs, even if that number is in the millions, sooner or later every blog will have every award.  The only thing that you can do to stop the madness is to politely decline the award, and let the blogger who awarded it to you know why.  If you do this, you should not mention in any of your blogs that you were given the award, nor should you blog about why you didn’t accept it.

And, for Pete’s sake, don’t you dare try blogging about why you should or shouldn’t accept any of these awards!  That would be copying me, and I would then have to present you with the “Blog Idea Thief Award”, which requires you to award it to 250 blogs, 2,500 posts and 3 gnomes, and to tell everyone what you wear when you blog.


Comments on: "The Awards Season Is Upon Us!" (20)

  1. Julie Catherine said:

    Well written, Marc. I see both sides of this. It’s a lovely honor to be presented with awards, especially if you’re a young blog with not very many followers or commenters – hopefully the gift of an award brings these bloggers more people to read and follow; and I think that’s a good thing. I know that I appreciated it, and I’m only in my second month of blogging. I’ve met a lot of wonderful new people this way – by clicking on the links others have selected to receive awards.

    On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to prepare responses and to search out new blogs to present awards to, taking time away from other writing. And yes, blogs can really start to look cluttered if all the awards are visible on the home page of a blog. I couldn’t find a way to keep my page looking clean by adding the awards, so I’ve shrunk them down a bit and added them all after my bio on my bio page. That way I still acknowledge them without having them overtake my blog.

    I don’t think I’m either condescending or conceited, but I know that I do appreciate the support and encouragement from my fellow bloggers when they present me with an award – and sometimes it’s just the kind of pick-me-up that I need for the day. As exhausting as it gets sometimes, I believe that is the spirit in which they’re given, and worth my while to respond in kind. One thing I do wish is that the blogs to select as recipients be kept to a maximum of five, and that they should be new blogs you’ve discovered in your blogging travels. ~ Julie 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit (and the novel!) Julie!

      Yeah, but the only real problem i have is with the need to spread them around, like chain letters. As i stated in the post, pretty soon everyone has one and their meaning is moot. I have received 5 awards so far, and i think (hope!) that i sent notes explaining why i didn’t want to participate. I’ve seen too many blogs now with 5-10 awards posted, and they’re starting to look bad… the idea is great, but, as we both stated, too much reciprocation are required, meaning too many people get them, and bloggers will award them to just anyone rather than find 25+ blogs to award them to…

      The “condescending or conceited” part is only for people who accept and display the awards, but don’t bother with the other requirements for the awards. They may even show the awards but don’t bother with looking for 25+ good blogs, they just cut and paste the first ones they come across…

      • Julie Catherine said:

        Sorry I was long-winded there, Marc, lol. Yes, I do agree with both these points you’ve made. 😀

        • No, Julie, there’s no need to apologize at all! You’ve got something to say and you’ve said it – if i had a problem with it, i would have not accepted, deleted or edited it to say that i am a God-like deity, writing… oh, you get the idea!

  2. Good blog Marc and agree with the comments and sentiments here.
    I got quite excited as a new blogger to be awarded 2 and proudly wrote my acceptance speech, a bit tongue in cheek,
    On reflection however I came to much the same conclusions as you did Marc. I didn’t even know 15 blogs to nominate.
    My way to reward a good blogger now is to add them to my blogroll as a sign of recognition, okay there’s no honour, ceremony or money involved but it shows I respect what you’re doing. I also try and let them know I’ve done it. Like Marc apologies if I haven’t let you know.
    Nigel 😉

    • Thanks for the visit, and the vote of confidence, Nigel!

      As long as you thank the award giver, not showing the award and not passing it on is okay. The problems I have are with the people who display all of the awards bit don`t pass them on, and the fact that you do have to pass them on to so many people – one of the awards says you have to pass it on to 25 other worthy blogs! Like you, I don`t know that many, so my non-acceptance note was sent.

      Glad to hear you were awarded two in one day! It is still an honor, as long as the givers were actual fans and not just passing the award onto the people in the group or contacts lists.

  3. While I do appreciate the mention of awards for my blogs, I thank the senders and refrain from mentioning it on my blog. Neither do I forward it nor do I propose any names. The blogs I think are worthwhile are already on my favorites list. I do not have the patience to repeat the procedure. I hold the various award senders in high regard and really marvel that they always have something wonderful to write about my blogging /writing skill. More than that, the award forwards are not really my piece of cake. Like I said, while others have the patience for it, I am found lacking in this regard.

    • Thanks for the visit, and the great comment, Mandy!

      I’m with you on that, and it is great of you to thank the senders, but do you tell them why you don’t want to participate? is it because, if the rules are followed, sooner or later everyone will have all of the awards?

      • I do not explain anything to the sender… nor do I display it on my page. I merely say “thank you. It is very gracious of you to suggest my blog”, but I leave it at that. Since I am not into spreading it around, I also do not want the trouble of having to explain myself to each one as to why I am not passing it around. My friends know me, so they suggest my blog despite the fact that I do not pass the awards on. But I take the time to feature blogs / articles and links in my posts which are just as ‘rewarding’ as the awards.

    • Thanks for the visit Mandy!

      I fully agree with you; as long as you aren’t displaying nor mentioning the awards on your posts, then not thanking the giver on your blogs is the right thing to do!

      There are just too many of them; I have seen three bloggers who have designed new awards to be given out for different things, but they all ask that the recipient pass them on to 5 to 25 and more other blogs. Most readers and bloggers alike don’t follow that many blogs, so they end up awarding them to people who either follow them, or post regular comments on their blogs.

      What I really don’t like is that if everyone follows the rules, eventually everyone who blogs will have all of the awards – then the awards don’t mean anything! I believe that if an award is to be given, it should be given freely, not on the rules of one received.

  4. Hi Marc I’ll try again 😉
    Now what was I saying 6 hours ago. Ah yes! Awards. I got very excited when I was given 2 the same day. I didn’t know 15 blogs to recommend so didn’t. Bit it’s like everything, familiarity breeds contempt, although in this case is a bit of a strong word, but they certainly can drain you and if you stick to some of the rules can end up getting all sorts nominated.
    If it wasn’t for the glamour, partying and money I probably wouldn’t have accepted them, but being young, well young in the sense of blogging, you become drawn a long by these things.
    Nigel 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by again, Nigel! Yeah, i do see both sides – i have only been blogging for about 4 months now myself! I have been “:awarded” awards more than 10 times, but i figured that if i wasn’t going to accept one of them it would be wrong of me to accept any others. The only real problem i have with them is the chain letter effect – if everyone follows the rules soon enough everyone has all of the awards and then they mean nothing at all. The first one i was awarded came with the caveat that you had to pass it on to 15 other worthy bloggers, and i only knew about 7 or 8 people doing it at the time. Never one to fall for peer pressure, i saw the problem that passing them on to so many people would have on diluting the award’s significance, so i emailed the presenter back with a note as to why i couldn’t accept it.

  5. Good Blog Marc,

    I completely agree that the award starts to mean nothing when handed out to everybody. Perhaps I am old school I still think an award must be a major achievement. Like being in the top one hundred of bloggers in the world. I understand that there are kind people out there, that want to get recognition and pass it on but I don’t think the award should be attached.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Vivian! Wow, to be in the top-100 of over 115 Million bloggers would be a major accomplishment worthy of praise and awards, but i think they probably earn so much money blogging that they don’t have time to pass them on!

  6. Julie Catherine said:

    Marc, I know how you feel about this – but I nominated you for the Sunshine Award anyway … because you deserve it, and because you bring fun and sunshine into my life! Congratulations! ~ Julie 😀

    • Thanks very much for that extremely moving comment, Julie! There’s no way that I can’t accept this one! Just send me the particulars and I will try my best to include it in my blogs…

      Thanks! I feel so good right now!

  7. This has been a bit of an awkward area for me to on my blog and worrying a bit about offending the people who send me those. But I do find it very “chain-mailish” and writing a post for that response doesn’t really make sense on my blog. Glad I found this and was able to read some other’s thoughts on the subject.

    • Thanks for the visit, Kaie! If it weren’t for the requirements to pass these awards on to 5, 7, 15 even 25 other bloggers then they might just mean something! The way it is now, even with over 50 million bloggers, it will only be a few years until everyone has all of the awards, and some with multiples – I’ve seen some sites with 4 or 5 of the same awards, totals of over 20 awards! It looks sad, really.

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