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The Dangers of Online Self Diagnosis

WebMD?  R U Kidding Me?

Are you kidding me or just trying to get me to kill myself before the pain and suffering takes hold?

There is a lieutenant   captain  major problem going on within the political funders  medical industry these days, and one of the major players is the group of online  suicide enablers  self-diagnosis sites, like WebMD and others, where a  victim  person enters their symptoms and is given a wealth of possible and probable diseases or ailments that they most likely have. Readers usually must get to the hospital or their MD for further examination as soon as possible, but death is imminent, and the “Big C” is usually the cause!

My question here, then, is (besides of course if death is imminent, why waste it waiting in line at the hospital just to find out that death is imminent?);

“Do these medical diagnosis sites get paid by the medical industry?”



The fallacy of being nursed

Why else would every single symptom that you enter into a search engine come back with the diagnosis of a cancer of some sort or another? If not cancer, then it’s one of the intramuscular diseases or any of the overly medicated diseases that have short life spans. No matter what three symptoms you enter into their databases, you end up with a termination notice.

Sneezing? Must be cancer!  Can’t sleep (even though it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside) ?  Must be cancer!  Have a headache and a runny nose? You got it, cancer again! Heartburn? You guessed it again – Cancer!

The reality

Where is the middle?

You have to read between the lines. If these websites don’t mention every disease that has the associated symptoms then they could become liable, and that’s never a good thing (for the company, anyways).

Wait! Don’t despair just yet…

The chances are minimal that you would have any of the horrible diseases listed, unless you have run a 5 + degree temperature for more than a few days and have enlarged thyroid glands.  However, if you do have these symptoms as well, then I hope you don’t mind if I ask you for that money that you owe me?  It’s just that I really need it now…

And, according to WebMD, you likely won’t be around 3 months from now…

Comments on: "The Dangers of Online Self Diagnosis" (6)

  1. Julie Catherine said:

    Websites I tend to stay far away from … I have enough health issues in real life without adding ‘perhaps’ ones! What I do appreciate though, is finding out as much information about the conditions that I do have – because trying to decipher what the specialists say is like reading a foreign language! Good post, Marc! 🙂

    • Yes, once you know what you have, researching it online can be helpful, and at the same time still scary because they tell you all of the effects that ailment may have on people, whereas each person reacts differently to each ailment.

      Thanks for the visits, Julie!

  2. It IS bunk. They ARE after money. And apparently they want to kill as many of us as possible in the process, as well. Read up on the American Dental Association and their campaigns for dental amalgams and water fluoridation, just to start. Add that to the ever-growing list of meds they push on us and the faulty dietary advice they give and it’s easy to see we are being poisoned to death. Just the amount of fluoride in foods and water is enough to ruin the average person’s health in the USA. If you’re also eating processed and GMO foods, God help you.

    • Thanks for the visit, @rcysod – of course there are many problems with the dental profession, from dentists and other lab rats doing naughty things with patients while they’re under, to overprescribing antibiotics – which eventually makes a person immune to antibiotics…

      The biggest problem though is the over-prescribing of pharmaceuticals, which only lines the pockets of the big-pharma companies and the doctors who prescribe them! Medicinal marijuana can make patients take up to 90% less pills and other pharmies, but, since the medicinal marijuana was,

      in fact, with medicinal marijuana reducing the amount of pharmaceuticals being prescribed, Health Canada couldn’t allow that to happen and changed the rules for medicinal marijuana so that the disabled – the people who need it the most yet can’t afford it – would not be able to gain access to it!

      And they say Harper is the best choice, and that Trudeau will ruin Canada? NO! Harper is ruining Canada, and Trudeau could be our saviour!!!

  3. Excessive exposure to sunlight can potentially damage the eyes. It’s important to buy a good pair of sunglasses that offer the right UV protection.It has extremely fruquent exposure, then there are a lot of maverick people.

    • I went through Squamish Cell Carcinoma on my face – left cheeck – and good sunglasses – like Maui Jim – are a neccessity – they deflect the glare that really hurts the eyes as a result of side-effects from all of the radiation i unerwent… The root cause? I was a sun-worshipper in the ’70’s and ’80’s…

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