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The Universe, Death and Deja Vu. Or, does “God” really exist?

“What a long, strange trip it’s been”

Blind Faith in Reality

Having faith is fine, it gets you through hard times and gives many people a restful thought that death may not be the end of all things; that you don’t just stop existing, and that’s all she wrote. But blind faith? That’s not giving any account to any other possibilities out there, only the one that you believe in.

But, to think about whether or not there is such a thing as reincarnation, or at the same level, life after death, let’s consider these points, all based upon sound, scientific facts;

Where are we going?

1)  The Universe is traveling.

Where to? The Universe is supposed to be all that there is, the limit of existence. But, what’s on the other side? If there is no “other side” then there would have to be a wall, an end to the universe. Where is it? When will we hit it?

As the universe travels, the Galaxies within are traveling as well. So, we have Galaxies traveling within a traveling Universe, sort of like running on a moving bus, or walking on a cruise ship. On an ocean that is circulating, on a planet that is moving, in a Galaxy that is traveling, in the Universe, which is traveling. (we must be going awfully fast when we run!)

Where is our galaxy traveling to? What happens when we get there? How long until we get there?

2)  The Universe is Expanding.

Into what? When water freezes, it expands, that’s easy to understand. It expands into walls, into pipes, and breaks them. Easy enough to follow. Our universe is expanding. There is nothing other than our Universe.

Once full of air, where does it expand?

So, where or what is the Universe expanding into? Nothing? You can’t equate nothingness, even space (as in “Space, the final frontier”, not the space between your ears, or the space between the fridge and the wall) has something going for it. If the Universe is, as they claim, all that there is, again, just like it is traveling and where is it going to (and where has it been? Did it take pictures? Use coupons? Book in advance?), we have to consider where, or what, it is expanding into.

The rubber ball / balloon effect?

When you blow up a rubber ball, it will eventually explode when you reach the critical mass juncture. When the container can hold no more, it goes kablooey all over the place. So, with our Universe in a constant state of both travel and expansion, what happens when there is nothing more to expand into?  Will the whole thing do like stars do and just implode? Go back to the pre-“Big Bang” state?

This reminds me of an extended acid trip in the late 70’s…

Now, let’s say that the Universe will eventually implode, and go back to the state it was in before The Big Bang. What then?

Would the whole thing start over again? Another Big Bang? Would the Earth be lucky enough to have the same asteroids land on it, carrying RNA? Even if Earth was formed, would the same events occur that managed to form an oxygen-based atmosphere be repeated exactly the same way? Would homo sapiens evolve again?

Us. The sequel?

If so, would we all get to live our lives again? Would we be the same people, doing the same things, making the same mistakes? Would we have the same diseases, the same handicaps that we’ve had in this life? Would we know that we’d lived before?

Is that what Deja Vu is?

Have we actually done this before? How many times?

Pass the mushrooms; the acid’s blowing my mind.

Where are you going with this?

Time. Space. Existence. Death. Nothingness. Void.

What are things I don’t get, for $200, Alex?

When you look at the overall picture, with “The Big Bang” having formed all that there is, that must have been an awfully big bang! But, where did all of the mass that is rock come from? Planets, moons, asteroids, etc, are all formed of rock of different types. Well, and gas. But, where did they come from? If the Big Bang created all that there is, what created The Big Bang? Two molecules colliding.

I know, I read the Scientific Journal, too. But,where did those molecules come from? What put them in motion so that they would collide so violently as to make about a trillion, trillion, trillion times bigger of an explosion than every nuclear bomb ever made going off at once ever could? More than the combined power of every sun out there exploding at the same time. From two molecules.

* (spoiler alert – I am not saying that “God” exists or doesn’t exist, this is theoretical in nature only)

One of the first “Gods”

Please don’t say that “God” created everything.  Whose “God” would that be? The Catholic? Which version? The Hindu? Which version? The Muslim? Roman? Norse? Which versions? Whose “God” created all that there is? Who created him/her/it?  To the victors go not only the spoils, but the history books. Each religion has seen their doctrines (Bibles, etc) rewritten many times, some with many sections discarded, after major conflicts.

A “God” is a  benign thought, a belief, a ways and means of controlling the masses. Think of the Spanish Inquisition (oh no, not the soft pillow torture!), the Catholic Crusades or, ahem, the “Middle East”. Always with religion in mind and fear of their” God”, they blow themselves to smithereens, usually killing only themselves, to ascend to Heaven where they live with 72 virgins at their beck and call.  That must have something to do with why they kill so many females at young ages. But, here’s the rub; when last rewritten, their holy books actually told them that those 72 virgins would be of their same sex…

The God Particle?

The world’s top scientists nowadays are trying to recreate the “God particle”, that event which started the whole Universe.  The spark that lit The Big Bang, if you will.

Just imagine what could happen if they were to succeed? They could create their own little, microscopic Universe. And, of course, since we all now know that Universes travel and expand at the same time. I`m sure they figured out what to do once their little Universe became the size of our Galaxy!

It would make every nuclear bomb ever made going off at the same time, in the same place, look like a firefly sitting next to our Sun.

Would it cause the end of everything? Makes me wonder if they will find that “God Particle” sometime around December 22 of this year?

Would it be like deja vu, all over again?

Talk about a gawd-awful day!

For now, let’s leave “God” out of the picture, and concentrate solely on the scientific nature of the Universe. Okay?

The Universe is expanding, and traveling.  What?  Please, explain, if you will, is the Universe expanding into?  Where is it going, and where has it been?  Any ideas?  Your thoughts are welcome. *(acid trip not required)

What’s going on? What is Deja Vu? Do you believe in Deja Vu? Do you believe in life after death?  In reincarnation?  In evolution?  We all have our beliefs, but science is fact, right?  Almost all “holy books” were written long before we knew even that we needed an ozone layer to live. Before we knew that Stars were other Suns, not popular people.

Science is telling us that;

1) The Universe is constantly traveling.

2) The Universe is constantly expanding.

3) The “God Particle” will be recreated in Switzerland at the BERN nuclear collider, possibly in late 2012.

4) The Universe started with “A Big Bang”.

5) That “Big Bang” is what they are trying to replicate.

6) The Mayan Calendar ends later this year, just when that mini-me Universe is supposed to be formed.

Maybe we should go back to thinking that Heaven was on top of the clouds, that the Earth was flat and all that there was.  Sounds a lot more simple, a little more sane, and a whole lot easier to grasp, doesn’t it?

Comments on: "The Universe, Death and Deja Vu. Or, does “God” really exist?" (6)

  1. I think the argument on life after death basically hinges on one’s faith. For example, as a Christian I believe strongly in life after death. I do not believe in reincarnation as some people do. In addition, I do not believe in the theories that have been put forth in regards to “creation of the earth” such as big bang theory. What’s your thought?

    • Well, Job, Thanks for the visit, yet this may cause some controversy if I am to answer this honestly, which I will do. I do not believe that “God” made the Earth and all that is on it in 7 days (and rested on the 7th, no less). Nor do I believe that any one religion is more valid than any other, they all have their laurels.

      As far as the origin of the species, I would more believe that mankind was planted here by an alien race to be servants, miners for gold as many scientists are now musing on. One of Mars’s smaller moons has approximately 200,000 times the amount of gold that the Earth has, and is a fraction of the size.

      The Big Bang Theory is not about the Earth, it’s about the Universe – about everything! It was the spark that started the explosion that started the expansion of the Universe, which is still expanding today.

      And, I don’t believe in life after death. I believe you get one kick at the can, and that’s it. Once you die, there’s no more, you have ceased to be. I would more easily believe in extraterrestrial life on other planets before i believed in “God” – because there are too many Gods. Which God is the right one? Which religion is right? The oldest? Most popular? (hint – if it were either of the last two, Christianity would lose out).

      I believe in creationism, in evolution and in proven, scientific fact. I believe in the concept of “God” and what it offers, except for those fervently religious who try to convert all others into their own, personal religion.

      Anyone want to lay in on this?

  2. MB, I like the concept of the article looking at the big bang theory vs creationism. It made my head hurt a little hehe such huge concepts being discussed in the one article. There is certainly room to expand here, focusing on portions of this article more intently in future articles (ex the expanding of the universe and if this has happened before, another about facts that back the big bang theory, etc etc).

    I do believe in God and heaven, so I can see this article pushing a hot button for people depending on their beliefs. When you say “God is a benign thought…” I actually had to read it twice to figure out you were talking about the theory rather than your own perspective. You may want to reword that to make it more clear if that is the opinion of the theory rather than your own view. Otherwise people are bound to be offended.

    These are my views, and that is my take.

    • Thanks for the candid visit, Christy!

      I knew I would make some enemies and lose some friends over this one… and, gain some as well.

      Honesty and reality sometimes clash, though, and everyone is allowed their opinion. What I am trying to put out there is, “Who’s “God” is THE God?”… I understand fervent religiousness, I have met it head on. I have studied (personally) most religions, in an abbreviated manner. This turned me off of religion, as do all those who push their own, personal religions on others (I have had Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents who were Bible thumpers, cursed anyone who wasn’t in their personal sector of Christianity).

      It is fine, actually recommended for people to follow religion, as almost all of them (religions) offer guidance to living a good, prosperous and socially acceptable life. But to categorically state that one religion is right and all others wrong is, well, just wrong. What makes one “better” than the other? When was “your bible” written? Wouldn’t it be more logical to state that the first religion is the more right? (i say “more right” because they are all right to some degree).

      However, no matter what you write about any religion, someone will be offended. You could write that “God is the creator of all that is, was, and ever will be”, and you could have a death sentence put down on you, a Fatwa, a curse, a murder contract, just for saying it. I hope you saw the disclaimer before that statement in my post, though! Which religion do you belong to? Which “sect” of that religion? (how many different “Catholic” religions are there out there? that is what I mean by “sect”)

      Now, I can understand how people could be upset that someone could say that the “God” that they believe in is nothing more than a “thought”, but that isn’t what I was theorizing on. How many “Gods” are there, right now, in the World that people fervently believe in, and what makes any one more benevolent than any others? And, when did they come into existence, and how? If “God” created everything, does that mean that “He” created “Himself”?

      I just try to be a writer, which means to leave personal views out and to listen to all sides. And, I just try to invoke a feeling or an emotion with anything I blog about, whether it’s shame, laughter, a lite chuckle or smirk, a roll of the eyes, some fury or lust (I can only hope on the last one!).

      Seemed I did my job!

  3. A very good reasoning. You travelled a very long way and came to the starting point again. Inspite of all our reasoning, we can not define God or all this process of Universe. We are helpless. We again and again try to know about God or The Universe and come to the same point. So this unexplainable entity is God which may have a shape or not. But it is a power or essence behind every thing and that is God.

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