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As Canada and Ontario Votes, The Disabled Lose Yet Again.

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Canada is a beautiful country and a great place to live, Unless, of course, you happen to be disabled. If you’re disabled while working for a company that gives good benefits, or the civil service, you will be taken care of for the rest of your life. But, if you happen to be unemployed or working contract (or for a company with dismal benefits), be prepared to live the rest of your life in the lowest pits of hell, otherwise known as way under the poverty level.


It’s rather amazing that, if the First Nations peoples were forced to live on what the disabled get, they would blockade highways, railroads, waterways, communities, pipelines, ports and government agencies’ buildings and offices. The country would be brought to a standstill and they would end up getting Billions of dollars. The disabled, nadda. The Mike Harris Liberals of the 1990’s slashed disability by over 40%, and there have been no increases, or increases of 1% each year since! How in the heck are the disabled supposed to live on that? It’s beyond mean, it’s unconstitutional!





And since the 1990’s, every budget and every campaign promise neglected to even so much as mention the disabled, other than to give tax breaks, which are no good to us since we don’t have taxable income (what? on $935 a month you want us to pay taxes?).  If I were physically able to work, I could easily make 6 to 10 times that amount: but I can’t work, and so I am forced to live way below the poverty level, as set out by the same government that sets our income levels. And, if we earn or even win some money during the month, we have to give 1/2 of it to ODSP!


Hey! Justin Trudeau – wanna win the election” Promise the disabled that you will cease the ODSP clawback of CPP pension income and you will (WILL) win the election! Every single disabled person would vote for you, as would all of their friends, family and support group members!


At least give us the equivalent of the minimum wage?


It would be really nice to not have to decide between physiotherapy and food for once!






Brittney Spears for Canada’s Prime Minister?!?!

Christina Aguilara or Britney Spears?

One of these two women is a beautiful, vibrant, sexy and extremely intelligent woman, and the other is Brittney Spears.

In Canada, we have the mayor of the country’s most populous city, and the capital city of the Province of Ontario, as a raving alcoholic crack smoker, but most stories center on any negative takes on everything Justin Trudeau says or that the press “hears him say”… I say we’d have a better shot at prosperity with Brittney Spears as our PM! WHy not? The good ole’ U S of A almost had Sarah Palin for governor of Alaska, where she famously stated she “could see Russia from her porch”!!!


Taxes for Idiots…


In Canada, the disabled who are not capable of working are given less than $1,000 a month to live on. This rate has been the same for the past 20 years now, since the government, in all of its’ splendid wisdom, cut the disability rate by 60%!!! That’s right – we are expected to do our part and live in poverty so that the government can spend Billions of dollars trying to save a few riding seats in by-elections.


The problem with what the government does do for the disabled is that they only give us “tax breaks”, “tax incentives” and so on, ad nauseum, all the while knowing that we don’t pay taxes! So, we get tax breaks on money we don’t get taxed on, and it’s supposed to help us?


When you receive $1,000 a month to live on, you first have to deduct the rent and utilities, telephone, internet and TV (hey – we’re disabled, not dead! When you’re home all day, unable to go out due to physical restraints, you do NEED to have television – it’s a necessity, not a “want” item! THEN, you have pet food and other discretionary items to pay for, and what’s left is our grocery money – usually about $180 a month!


So, take your tax breaks and shove them where you want Justin Trudeau to shine!


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